Fraud Prevention and Detection: NMVTIS Enforcement

This award is an individual award that recognizes a law enforcement officer or DMV investigator who has demonstrated excellence in completing an investigation related to NMVTIS violations and/or in the use of the NMVTIS Law Enforcement Access Tool (LEAT) as a tool to further an investigation of motor vehicle related crimes. This is an international award with a single winner that will be presented at the Annual International Conference.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated diligence in conducting a NMVTIS investigation by compiling facts and evidence that support successful prosecution  
  • Exemplary use of  the NMVTIS LEAT at a high level with measurable results
  • Going above and beyond to share knowledge, resources, and information related to a NMVTIS investigation or use of the NMVTIS LEAT in gathering pertinent information that enhances an investigation   

No submissions were received for 2022.