Driver License Compact

The Driver License Compact (DLC) was created to provide uniformity among member jurisdictions when exchanging information with other members on convictions, records, licenses, withdrawals, and other data pertinent to the licensing process. Uniformity helps ease administrative costs and meets the underlying tenet of the agreement that each driver nationwide have only one driver license and one driver control record.

The DLC provides a necessary step to maximize law enforcement efforts against serious offenses such as drunk driving, vehicle manslaughter, reckless driving, and others. These offenses are no less serious when committed in some other jurisdiction than when committed in the driver’s home state.

AAMVA supports the concepts of the Driver License Compact and the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC) by providing secretariat services and having an AAMVA international board advisor attend DLC/NRVC Executive Board meetings. 

The Driver License Compact Commission membership consists of the compact administrator, or its designee, from each jurisdiction that is party to the Compact. The Governing Board of the compacts is charged with directing and supervising its affairs, committees, and publications; promoting its objectives; and supervising disbursement of its funds.

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