Identity Management

A person’s identity is their most valuable possession. There are two core concepts for identity management.

  1. How do I know you are who you say you are? The first step is always identity vetting and proofing. Establishing a confidence and trust that the individual is who they claim to be is the most critical step in the identity management process. If this is not done effectively, everything that happens afterward is impacted.
  2. How do I protect your identity? After having trust in the person’s identity, it now must be protected. This includes having measures and processes in place to ensure identities are secured and that sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) is properly managed.
As a part of AAMVA’s vision, we strive to ensure that both these concepts are considered across the association as a part of the work being done and that our members needs are met with subject matter expertise and resources that assist them in building and maintaining identity management programs in their own respective agencies.

The use of biometrics is shaping and improving methods for successfully identifying and validating individuals. Biometric authentication is the identification science of using a physiological or behavioral characteristic of an individual (such as fingerprints, facial geometry, iris, blood vessel pattern in the retina, voice, signature, etc.) to attempt a confirmation of the identity for that individual "automatically" with a high degree of certainty. There is a real possibility that biometric data may one day replace or supplement existing identification data for drivers in AAMVA’s driving systems.

AAMVA participates in the development of standards and model legislation for the use of biometrics and actively seeks possible biometric applications for its customers. AAMVA’s participation includes membership to the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) technical committee M1 for biometric standards.

AAMVA's members protect the security of individual's identities every day. DMVs have implemented many security enhancements to deter and detect any attempts to breach the integrity of driver licenses and identification cards. 

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