AAMVA Procurement

All purchases of goods and services must follow AAMVA’s Procurement Policy. The policy ensures timely and efficient acquisition of goods and services at a reasonable cost, which is consistent with good business practices, and assures full and open competition among vendors interested in doing business with AAMVA. Although the Procurement Policy specifically addresses federal government-related procurements (per Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) (2 CFR) Procurement standards), all non-federal government procurements of goods and services must also follow the guidelines.

AAMVA’s procurement staff administer enterprise-wide purchasing activities and support all staff in determining the applicability of the guidelines to AAMVA procurements. The guidelines generally outline the process for documenting decisions, obtaining adequate competition to the maximum extent practical for each purchase, documenting each procurement action, and ensuring that AAMVA’s best interests are protected in all procurement actions.

If you are a vendor considering submitting a proposal, please first review our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and Vendor Code of Conduct Policy.

Below are current open requests for proposals. If none are listed, please check back later.

For questions about AAMVA procurement, please contact Procurement.

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