International Driver Examiner Certification (IDEC) Award

This award is presented by the International Driver Examiner Certification (IDEC) Board and AAMVA to recognize outstanding examiners. 

Each IDEC accredited member jurisdiction may nominate only ONE examiner for outstanding performance as a driver's license examiner. 

Examiners are selected for their excellence in adhering to the principles and recommended practices of driver examining (the Examiner's Code of Ethics) and for their high level of conduct in their profession.  

The Examiner's Code of Ethics:

  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Due Dilligence
  • Equality

Each jurisdiction's Examiner of the Year receives a certificate and a congratulatory letter from the IDEC Executive Board. 

After all submissions are received, one examiner is selected as the Outstanding Examiner of the Year and is presented the award at the Annual International Conference.  

2021 Outstanding Examiner of the Year

Jason Hennessy

Driver License Clerk
Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Driver Services

Jason Hennessy embodies the core values of the State of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Transportation. He eight years of experience with Iowa, five of which have been with the IDOT. He is a senior team member of the Ankeny staff and has been working throughout the pandemic to help modify work processes and adapt to new ways of conducting business. Hennessy has played a key role in providing valuable input on numerous issues and has a keen ability to find the most efficient way to do things. He has discretion and authority to handle most matters impacting the Ankeny commercial driver license (CDL) program and his judgement and decision making are top notch. He is the lead CDL field trainer for the team and has trained many new state and county employees, preparing them to conduct testing in a fair and impartial manner. When they are done training with Hennessy, they are ready to hit the ground running. His direct, down-to-earth approach facilitates the learning process and opens the lines of communication. CDL is a critical performance area that must be right every time to ensure public safety. He understands the potential ramifications of licensing someone who does not possess the skills necessary to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely. 

In addition, Hennessy is the lead contact for the service center for all outside trucking companies, school districts, bus companies, and other business entities requiring IDOT CDL services. The volume of requests has increased dramatically over the last couple of years and he stays on top of the requests, makes them a priority, and accommodates business customers. He has established many positive relationships with these outside entities. Hennessy is routinely the employee with the highest number of customers issued each month. He uses his time wisely and is able to juggle multiple tasks at one time and to completion. He takes on additional duties without hesitation, including training new employees on how to conduct and properly score regular vehicle drive tests. Recently, he has taken the added role of being an issuance trainer for new staff. His enthusiasm helps train and motivate new employees to strive for their own achievements.

2021 Examiners of the Year

British Columbia
Wayne Nguyen

Michael Thompson

Danielle Irelan

Jason Hennessy

William Graham

New Jersey 
Patrick Lisa

North Dakota
Phil Thomas

Aaron Gray

Jessica McLeod

Anthony Honeycutt

Brenda Beatty

Justin McLane

Kristin Jenkins

West Virginia
Jon Glick

Colette Grams

Brigitte Funk

Past Outstanding Examiners of the Year

2020: Patricia Nelson, Wisconsin
2019: John Mathieu, Florida
2018: Earl Bunnell, New Hampshire
2017: Chasity Perry, Kentucky
2016: Janet Hood, Wyoming
2015: Curtis Berryhill, Florida
2014: Renee Devine (awarded posthumously), Iowa
2013: Deborah Gilley, Kentucky