Court Cases

AAMVA identifies court cases affecting the motor vehicle and law enforcement community. Key court cases are listed below.

Newburgh Heights v. Ohio (2022)

Ohio Supreme Court upholds law slashing state funding for cities collecting traffic-camera fines.

Washington v. Fraser (2022)

Washington Supreme Courts decide drivers can receive a DUI after marijuana use. 

NFIB v. OSHA (2022)

The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down OSHA's vaccination mandate for businesses with 100+ employees.

City of Tahlequah v. Bond, Rivas-Villegas v. Cortesluna (2021)

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the qualified immunity doctrine. 

New Jersey v. Boston (2021)

Police cannot ask for a passenger's identification during a routine traffic stop without grounds. 

New Jersey v. Carter, New Jersey v. Roman-Rosado (2021)

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that police cannot stop vehicles for partly obscured license plates.   

Lange v. California (2021)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled police cannot enter the home of someone while in pursuit for a misdemeanor crime. 

Louisiana v. Hill (2020)

The Louisiana Supreme Court struck down a law requiring convicted sex offenders to have the designation marked on their driver's license.