Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with



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Planning for the Future

new strategic framework (2023-2027)

Our new strategic framework guides our projects, priorities, and activities by providing direction and expectations. It focuses on goals and outcomes to develop initiatives and measures that enable us to achieve our mission and vision. Building on the previous strategic framework, the new framework retains the same four strategic priorities — member-driven solutions, culture of excellence, technology management, and fiscal integrity — with updates and additions to key goals and outcomes for each priority. 

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AAMVA Fraud Awareness Call – Fraudulent Websites Webinar


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S2S Driver History Record (DHR) Administration

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AAMVA’s award-winning magazine is published quarterly and provides members with practical and in-depth information on a wide range of topics. 

Read about training new drivers and tools to communicate with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing.



Featured Topics

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of every transaction at the DMV whether driver licensing issuanc...

Driver License Compact

The Driver License Compact (DLC) was created to provide uniformity among member jurisdictions whe...

Driver Records

It is important that all drivers have a single driving record. If drivers have more than one record,...

Driver Training

AAMVA does not develop or provide materials for driver training. However, AAMVA does recommend compl...

Electronic Titling

There is a significant increase in jurisdictions looking for more efficient and effective methods to...


The integrity of motor vehicle agency products and services is important as they are used to allow p...

License Plates

License plates consist of alpha and/or numeric characters and are displayed on motor vehicles to all...

Commercial Driver License Testing

AAMVA offers a Model Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual for the current version of th...