Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with


Our vision for a better tomorrow begins with



AAMVA Visits New Mexico 


CDLIS Subcommittee Meets in St. Louis


AAMVA Special Alert – SSA Impostor Awareness 2023


Now Available: NMVTIS 2022 Annual Report and Financial Audit

AAMVA Celebrates 90 Years!

In 1933, government leaders gathered with the recognition that collaboration for the primary purpose of uniformity and reciprocity would better serve their citizens and the transportation network. Today, as AAMVA celebrates 90 years, we still follow that North Star. 

Throughout 2023, we will be celebrating our 90th anniversary with a variety of content dedicated to our foundations and how they have laid the groundwork for the next decade as we reach toward 100 years. 

Check out our new interactive timeline, celebrating key dates and milestones in AAMVA's 90-year history. 

Check out photos below of our members celebrating our anniversary.

90th Anniversary


2023 October Automated Vehicle Subcommittee Meeting


2023 October Combined Standing Committees Meeting


2023 October Fall Joint mDL Subcommittee Meeting


2023 October State-to-State User Group Meeting

Latest Issue of MOVE Magazine

AAMVA’s award-winning magazine is published quarterly and provides members with practical and in-depth information on a wide range of topics. 

Read about online car sales and automated vehicles.



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