Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR) Training

AAMVA’s Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR) program helps you tackle fraud head-on with training used by DMVs, law enforcement, federal agencies, and corporations worldwide. FDR is a comprehensive anti-fraud toolbox for anyone handling secure documents or sensitive transactions, including all agency staff. Training modules are updated yearly with new and enhanced content.

New for 2024

Courseware Updates and Enhancements    


  • New US Permanent Resident Card
  • New US Employment Authorization Card
  • New US "Bridge" Visa
  • New CAN Passports
  • Updated License Plate Standard
  • Updated Foreign National Driving Credential Guide


  • Module: Disability Placard Fraud Best Practices
  • Video: “How Odometer Fraud Became a $1B Business”
  • Podcast: NMVTIS Investigation Tools
  • New Bureau of Prisons Release ID card
  • New Job Aid Appendices:
    • US Currency Authentication
    • US Immigration Forms
  • AAMVA policy position: Authentic MVA products


  • Law Enforcement Module available by direct download*
  • “Locked Navigation” per jurisdiction requests*
  • New player console experience
  • Re-engineering of audio tracks to podcast quality

*See download page for more details

FDR Training Levels

FDR training is broken down into two levels that allow for basic and enhanced learning opportunities for users.

FDR Level 1

 FDR Level 1 introduces the basic techniques of fraudulent document recognition that staff can employ without the need for expensive forensic tools. Modules range from 30-45 minutes each (including a knowledge assessment at the end of each module). Jurisdiction members may train with the suite as a whole or choose to offer only those modules that are of highest priority/interest.

  • Free to jurisdiction member agencies and federal government associate members serving as FDR Partners
  • Select content available for purchase by associate members and non-members 


  • Introduction to Fraud
  • Security Features
  • Birth Certificates
  • Vehicle Documents
  • Driver’s Licenses, and ID Cards
  • Travel Documents
  • Social Security Cards
  • U.S. Immigration Documents
  • Military IDs
  • Canadian Travel, Citizenship, and Immigration Docs
  • Canadian Birth, Driver, and Vehicle Documents
  • Mexican Documents
  • Counterfeits and Alterations
  • People and Actions
  • Update-Only Module
  • Five (5) Members-Only Supplements    

FDR Level 2

Level 2 builds concepts by introducing covert security features and developing student skills in the use of magnification, auxiliary lighting, and UV tools. Users will gain a solid understanding of how to begin a second-level review in today's fraud environment.

  • Free to jurisdiction members and federal government associate members serving as FDR Partners
  • NOT AVAILABLE to associate members or non-members


  1. Introduction to Covert Features
  2. Expanding the Review
  3. Six (6) Members-Only Supplements

FDR Training for Jurisdiction Members and Federal Government Associate Members (FDR Partners)

The FDR courseware is intended for agency-wide implementation and should be downloaded by a single contact from the member agency rather than by individual students. Managers of agency business units are permitted to download the courseware but should coordinate with their training and IT staff.

AAMVA has developed an Implementation Guide that explains how member agencies can use the various formats available to best fit their training strategies. Quick Start documents within the download packages will provide further details about each version.

Download FDR courseware


FDR Training for Other Associate Members and Non-Members

AAMVA is pleased to offer select content from FDR Level 1 training modules for purchase by commercial organizations and eligible individuals. The training is purchased/accessed online and is available in both Standard and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) accredited versions on the AAMVA Learning Store (an external site hosted by

Suggest New or Revised Courses

AAMVA welcomes all suggestions to improve FDR Training content. Complete the FDR Training Change Request Form. You will be given instructions to track the progress of your suggestion(s) from the moment it is submitted through its implementation.

For additional information or questions about Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR) Training, please contact FDR Training.

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