Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of every transaction at the DMV whether driver licensing issuance and renewal, vehicle registration and titling, and numerous additional jurisdiction public services. As the world has adapted to new technology, the nature of customer service has also changed. Customer service now means not only a live representative in-person or by telephone but also live chat services, chat bots, electronic queuing systems, reservation systems, self-service kiosks, and others, sometimes provided by a third-party entity. More and more services are now offered online to meet customer needs and to increase the volume of transactions. 

AAMVA’s jurisdiction members have call centers staffed with professionals to answer questions from customers received by phone, email, and a myriad of other communication channels. With the advent of technology, contact centers have evolved to include features such as chat bots, live chat services, call back services, and others. These services may be in-house, provided by third-party vendors, or a hybrid of both. As customers become more accustomed to instantaneous service, DMVs have risen to meet this demand. Using workforce optimization, performance metrics, and through tools and technology the results in reduced customer wait times delivers efficient outstanding customer service.

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