The integrity of motor vehicle agency products and services is important as they are used to allow permission, privilege, or authority to carry out tasks or to be able to travel or enter a physical space. Because of the value of these products and services people may attempt to obtain these by fraudulent means. 

Fraud is the use of deception to gain something of value and is constantly evolving. To help members prevent and detect fraud, AAMVA offers the Fraud Detection & Remediation Training Program (FDR). FDR offers training modules and supplements that develop skills in the authentication of more than 12 document categories, people and actions, impostor fraud, internal fraud, and more. The modular eLearning suite is critical to anyone handling secure documents or sensitive transactions and is applicable to a wide variety of staff beyond the license counter including administrators, law enforcement officers, and investigators. Check out the FDR training page for complete details and get your staff trained today.

AAMVA offers a variety of best practices and other documents to provide knowledge in how to best accomplish the goals of fraud prevention, detection, and remediation. Our Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Working Group recently published the second edition of Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Best Practices. In addition, AAMVA hosts webinars to provide convenient training on current fraud trends and a variety of topics to benefit members looking to learn more about the prevention, detection, and remediation of fraud.  

AAMVA members can access a SharePoint site where information is posted regarding fraud activity and trends. This site is searchable and contains information regarding personal and vehicle identity document updates from across AAMVA jurisdictions. If you would like to obtain access to this site, please contact us. AAMVA members may also participate in a monthly conference call where information is disseminated and shared regarding fraud trends to help members stay up to date with efforts to combat fraud. 

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