2021 Region 3 Conference Presentations

Indianapolis, IN
November 16-18, 2021

For all AAMVA members

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Law Enforcement Roundtable

After hearing an update on the current activities of the AAMVA Law Enforcement Program, attendees will participate in an open discussion on issues impacting law enforcement. Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with your peers and discuss potential solutions to challenges affecting...

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: E-Title, E-Lien & E-Odometer

It’s an ‘e-world’ these days and this session will highlight the latest issues, trends, and advancements in electronic vehicle credentials. Hear how jurisdictions are moving forward with electronic titles, liens, and odometer disclosures.  

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Driving Toward Change: Appointment Management, Testing Changes, Waivers & More

Jurisdictions will share changes to their skills and knowledge testing programs, lessons learned, and appointment system management. This session will also include results from the Wisconsin road test waiver pilot program.  

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Fighting Fraud

Hear from experts who lead teams of fraud fighters to learn the latest fraud trends and techniques taking place in society today. This session will address many aspects of fraud that impact your jurisdiction today and in the future.  

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Troubling Trends in Highway Safety

Hear from the Minnesota State Patrol about troubling traffic safety trends and the challenges these trends are presenting for law enforcement agencies across the state. We will examine the potentially causative factors impacting the State of Minnesota’s rising fatality and severe crash rates and...

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: mDL

Join us to hear about recent developments with mobile driver’s licenses including publication of standards, guidelines, and state implementations. Attendees will receive an overview of the recent mDL Interoperability Test Event, where industry partners test their mDL solutions against the ISO/IEC...

file - 11/17/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Vehicles, Vehicles & More Vehicles

This session will include a full array of vehicle topics to include out-of-state backlogs on titles, junk, and destroyed vehicles; recall notifications; and others.  

file - 11/16/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Pandemic Induced Volatility (Keynote)

The pandemic has created a new dynamic for employees and customers. Behaviors which have not typically been seen before are now showing up in the workplace. Learn what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about and strategies to address those concerns.  

file - 11/16/2021

2021 R3 Conference: Jurisdiction Highlights and Innovation (General)

Jurisdictions will share their innovative programs that have been submitted for AAMVA award consideration and other jurisdiction highlights. Join us to learn about these ideas, accomplishments, priorities, and future projects!