2022 Annual International Conference Presentations

Baltimore, MD
September 13-15, 2022

For all AAMVA members

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file - 09/15/2022

Law Enforcement Research Trends

Presentation on the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and their research to help state and provincial law enforcement policy makers navigate some of the most difficult issues facing police today

file - 09/15/2022

mDL Digital Trust Service

Presentation about the progress AAMVA has made in developing the digital trust service (DTS) and the DTS Steering Committee's work to establish requirements and policies for jurisdictions to follow for DTS inclusion

file - 09/15/2022

Contact Centers

Presentation on how to roadmap your contact center transition toward a modern "customer experience" model, focus on how to consolidate data, and hear about ideas for modernization in a tough economy

file - 09/15/2022

Partnering with Highway Safety Offices

Presentation on the ways motor vehicle agencies can work together with their local highway safety offices to improve safety

file - 09/15/2022

Regulating Entities Engaged in Interstate Commerce

Presentation on how you can bolster regulatory efforts and enhance consumer protection

file - 09/15/2022

Side Shows and Street Racing

Presentation on how the Learn how the California Highway Patrol and the Minnesota State Patrol, in cooperation with the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, is addressing the increasing and dangerous problem of side shows and street racing

file - 09/14/2022

After the Law Enforcement Crisis: Root Cause Analysis

Handouts from presenter Gordon Graham that explain how to "recognize" real risks, how to "prioritize" the risks, and how to "mobilize" (act) to do something about the real risks organizations face

file - 09/14/2022

A Global Perspective on Automated Vehicle Driving Systems Regulation, Testing, and Deployment

Presentation provides an update of the Automated Driving Systems for Rural America project and an overview of the framework guiding international regulatory work on automated vehicles

file - 09/14/2022

Innovation in Government Services

Presentation on how agencies are transforming their customer experience through innovation and technology with new approaches and successful strategies for the future

file - 09/14/2022

Impaired Driving Enforcement

Presentation on National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving's new National Strategic Framework which includes new “green and wet lab combinations” and other countermeasures to help law enforcement understand how to better detect poly drug use at roadside

file - 09/14/2022

The Future of Commercial Driver License Programs: Test Modernization, FMCSA Regulations, and PRISM Update

Presentation provides an update on the newly approved modernized CDL testing system as well as an FMCSA update on CDL issues of importance including current and upcoming CDL regulations

file - 09/13/2022

Law Enforcement Memorial Breakfast

Presentation to update members on AAMVA's law enforcement program and to honor recent fallen officers

file - 09/13/2022

Electronic Title and Vehicle Records Management

Presentation informs of the latest activities of the E-Title Working Group and future AAMVA initiatives planned for assisting members with electronic title and vehicle record management processes

file - 09/13/2022

How Law Enforcement Use mDLs

Presentation covers the areas that law enforcement agencies should consider when preparing for mDL including: communicating with their DMV partners, offering trooper training, and leveraging computer aided dispatch and mobile forms software updates