2023 Region 1 Conference Presentations

Providence, RI
May 23-25, 2023

For all AAMVA members

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2023 Region 1 Conference

file - 05/25/2023

Impaired Driving Panel Discussion

Presentation on the New York State Police's Drug Recognition Program (DRE) and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Enforcement (ARIDE) program

file - 05/25/2023

Not Your Mama’s DMV - New Approaches to Customer Service and Delivery

Presentation on tools that have been implemented and plenty more are being developed to create an experience that is an unexpected and welcome change for customers

file - 05/25/2023

Employee Safety and Wellness: The DMV Hierarchy of Needs

Presentation on the measures jurisdictions have undertaken to care for their employees’ physical safety while on the job and explore new ways to motivate and engage employees to benefit the overall success of the agency

file - 05/25/2023

Specific-Use License Plates: Navigating Appropriate Use

Presentation on a best practice to help jurisdictions create or enhance regulatory efforts for managing specific-use license plate programs

file - 05/25/2023

Challenges with Medical Programs

Presentation on current challenges in medical programs for DMVs

file - 05/25/2023

Fraudulent Altered Vehicle (Limousine) Registration, Inspection, and Enforcement

Presentation on enforcement efforts related to altered vehicles, commonly known as limousines

file - 05/25/2023

The Future is Now: Appointments, Queuing Systems, and Virtual Customer Service

Presentation from jurisdictions that have embraced these changes and implemented new technologies and processes to better serve their customers

file - 05/25/2023

Examining Motorcycle Safety

Presentation on prevention methods (proper riding gear, reducing distracted driving, educating non riders, etc.) available to members

file - 05/24/2023

DMV and State Highway Safety Office Collaboration

Presentation from members that have successfully implemented strategies and learn about beneficial collaboration opportunities that may further your agency’s initiatives and ultimately improve road safety

file - 05/24/2023

Why Can't I Put That on a License Plate?

Presentation on the progress made by the License Plate Standard Working Group to update AAMVA’s License Plate Standard

file - 05/24/2023

State-to-State (S2S), Driver History Records (DHR), and DL Compacts

Presentation about S2S and DHR integration efforts, task force integration, and use cases of fraud found utilizing these tools

file - 05/24/2023

NMVTIS Junk and Salvage Enforcement

Presentation on junk, salvage, and insurance (JSI) reporting requirements and compliance enforcement

file - 05/24/2023

Improving Resident Satisfaction with Government Services

Presentation on research on public satisfaction with DMV services

file - 05/23/2023

Jurisdiction Highlights & Innovation

Presentation on innovative programs that have been submitted for AAMVA award consideration and other jurisdiction highlights

file - 05/23/2023

Moving mDL Forward

Presentation that provides a better understanding of the current state of mDLs in North America and abroad, how and when to bring the relying parties into the discussion, and how the Digital Trust Service will bring it all together

file - 05/23/2023

May I See your Proof of Insurance, Please?

Presentation for jurisdictions with an insurance verification program in place or who are contemplating implementing one for the first time

file - 05/23/2023

Status and Future of Vehicle Emissions and Safety Inspections

Presentation on preregistration inspections, regulation of inspection stations, inspection of unusual vehicles, and advances in technology to ensure inspections are conducted properly

file - 05/23/2023

Distracted Driving

Presentation on the latest trends in Region 1 distracted driving and how some jurisdictions have responded to that challenge