2023 Workshop & Law Institute Presentations

San Antonio, TX
March 8-9, 2023

For all AAMVA members

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2023 Workshop & Law Institute

file - 03/09/2023

Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Business Processes

Presentation on how jurisdictions have incorporated digital technology to strengthen and streamline business processes while improving the customer experience

file - 03/09/2023

Impaired Driving

Presentation about the most recent impaired driving crash causation trends as well as the quickly evolving cannabis legalization landscape and the increased occurrences of poly-substance abuse impaired driving

file - 03/09/2023

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Training

Provides legal services attendees with the opportunity to fulfill the ethics and professional responsibility components of their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits

file - 03/09/2023

Masking Discussion and Updates

Presentation on the latest implementation and masking avoidance tips. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to share their own jurisdictional experiences

file - 03/09/2023

Process Improvements and Data Accuracy of Uniform Citation

Presentation about the latest efforts to adopt uniform citations and learn why now might be the best time for this change

file - 03/09/2023

Protecting the Customer Transaction and Fighting Digital Fraud

Presentation on the latest trends in digital fraud and how MVAs are working to protect personal information, prevent criminals from accessing MVA digital information, and how MVAs identify those who do

file - 03/09/2023

Customer Flow Management

Presentation provides the opportunity to learn more about what jurisdictions are doing to improve wait times and to provide quality service while reducing negative customer interactions

file - 03/09/2023

Transitioning to Electronic Titling and Electronic Vehicle Records Management

Presentation on efforts to analyze and research this transition with the vision for title and vehicle record interoperability as vehicles move both intrastate and interstate

file - 03/09/2023

Strategies to Improve Motorcycle Safety

Presentation from representatives from NHTSA and from jurisdictions will talk about the issues associated with reducing motorcycle crashes

file - 03/08/2023

Customer Savvy Communications

Presentation on how unified communications streamline processes and allow DMVs to better serve customers by having a 360° view of interactions and ultimately, the customer experience

file - 03/08/2023

Distracted Driving

Presentation about the recent Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s report, Directing Drivers’ Attention: A StateHighway Safety Office Roadmap for Combating Distracted Driving, which offers one of the most comprehensive looks at this pervasive, yet preventable, traffic safety problem

file - 03/08/2023

Insurance Verification

Presentation for jurisdictions with an insurance verification program in place or contemplating implementing one for the first time

file - 03/08/2023

Accommodations and Support for Identified Communities

Presentation on the tools some jurisdictions are using to meet operational needs while assisting persons with various conditions which may not be readily apparent

file - 03/08/2023

Tools to Enhance Data Integrity

Presentation on AAMVA developed reports across its many platforms that are used by members so that users can best leverage the data to manage their programs

file - 03/08/2023

Benefits of Integrating Driver License Compact and State-to-State Verification Service

Presentation about the future of the Driver License Compact (DLC) and the State-to-State Verification Service (S2S)

file - 03/08/2023

The Future of New Driver/Non-CDL Testing

Presentation on recent developments in technology, driver education, and touchless transactions which have led jurisdictions to pilot new approaches to new driver testing

file - 03/08/2023

The New Do-It-Yourself (DIY) DMV

Presentation about how jurisdictions are providing more self-service options for customers to complete transactions, serve more customers and increase customer satisfaction, which allow DMV staff to focus on other operational aspects of efficiency