Fraud Prevention and Detection: Law Enforcement Individual

This award is presented to individuals who made a specific contribution to thwart motor vehicle agency-related crime, such as a clerk who recognizes an individual who repeatedly submitted transactions, a technician who detected title fraud, a special agent who discovered odometer fraud, etc.

This is a law enforcement individual award and is awarded one per region and among those, an international winner is selected.

Each agency may submit only ONE entry.

Criteria for selection:

  • Individual’s identified fraud or attempted fraud led to further actions to decrease fraud and/or the apprehension of the perpetrators
  • Individual’s actions were “above and beyond” normal job duties
  • Outcomes were measurable

2022 Winners

International and Regional

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

Lieutenant Gary L. Ollis, Jr., NC DMV License & Theft Bureau

Lieutenant Gary L. Ollis, Jr. is a law enforcement supervisor for the North Carolina DMV License and Theft Bureau. In addition to his normal job responsibilities, he was appointed as Lead Supervisor over a specialized task force. The task force was created following the discovery of approximately 32 victims whose North Carolina driver’s license mailing address had been changed within the NCDMV records database. The suspects used the personally identifiable information of victims to log into NCDMV’s online portal and changed the victims’ mailing addresses so that a duplicate driver’s license would be issued. The suspects would then use the illegally obtained licenses for fraudulent purposes such as obtaining financial loans, credit cards, unemployment benefits, vehicle purchases, utilities, and more. Once Lieutenant Ollis and his team began analyzing and researching the data, the number of identified victims increased significantly. Through his leadership and guidance, the task force identified approximately 733 victims. As a result of the high number of victims, Lieutenant Ollis recommended to disable the function within the application that would allow customers to change their mailing address to out of state addresses. He then worked to restore the function with a more in-depth identity verification process.


Iowa Department of Transportation 

Matt Dingbaum, Investigator, Iowa DOT Bureau of Investigation & Identity Protection

Matt Dingbaum has been a motor vehicle investigator with the Iowa DOT Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection for the past 12 years and has been a certified peace officer for 23 years. He became aware of an individual who appeared to be titling 180 vehicles in Iowa but was an Illinois resident. Eighty-five of those vehicles had odometer readings that were tampered with and rolled back before being sold to unsuspecting buyers. As the investigation continued it became clear that the suspect was associated with 4 Avenue Auto Sales, a licensed dealer in Illinois. A federal search warrant was conducted at the dealership and it was discovered that there were multiple straw purchasers who would title vehicles in Iowa to wash the high odometer reading from the title and distance the vehicle from 4 Avenue Auto Sales. Six individuals from the dealership were indicted in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa on 18 counts. All individuals were apprehended and appeared in Federal Court. All later plead guilty and were sentenced.