Fraud Prevention and Detection: Motor Vehicle Individual

This award is presented to individuals who made a specific contribution to thwart motor vehicle agency-related crime, such as a clerk who recognizes an individual who repeatedly submitted transactions, a technician who detected title fraud, a special agent who discovered odometer fraud, etc.

This is a motor vehicle individual award and is awarded one per each region and among those, an international winner is selected.

Each agency may submit only ONE entry.

Criteria for selection:

  • Individual’s identified fraud or attempted fraud led to further actions to decrease fraud and/or the apprehension of the perpetrators
  • Individual’s actions were “above and beyond” normal job duties
  • Outcomes were measurable

2022 Winners

International and Regional

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Mary Mangels, Lead Research Analyst, Fraud Unit

While handling her normal duties with the Nebraska DMV Fraud Unit which included the issuing of replacement driver’s license numbers to victims of theft or fraud, Lead Analyst Mary Mangels was able to correlate an unusual high number of requests for replacement along with a large number of citizens reporting the receipt of renewal or replacement license that had not been requested by the legitimate license holder. Analyst Mangels also found a correlation requests for replacement and the same victims requesting unemployment benefits. Due to Analyst Mangels’s in-depth observations and quick response, a process is being implemented to stop illicit phishing attempts and halt any further creation of victims of identity theft using Nebraska DMV licensing information.


Georgia Department of Driver Services

James Woo, Criminal Investigator II, Georgia DDS

Investigator James Woo is a 17-year veteran of law enforcement and has been employed by the Georgia DDS, Office of Investigative Services as a criminal investigator since 2017. He is responsible for the investigation of criminal matters related to the issuance of Georgia driver's licenses and ID cards throughout 67 issuance centers. On January 22, 2021, Investigator Woo received information that a subject may have obtained a fraudulently issued Georgia driver's license in multiple names. The investigation revealed that the suspect had been arrested under numerous names on miscellaneous local charges within the state of Georgia and that he was on probation under a false name. In order to uncover all of the above information and positively identify the suspect, Investigator Woo worked with officials from numerous state and local authorities. After a thorough investigation and collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, Investigator Woo secured arrest warrants for the suspect. The case will be criminally prosecuted in the State Superior court system.