Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez has been the Idaho Division Administrator for the Idaho Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) since 2017. Idaho's DMV operates a broad spectrum of services throughout Idaho. The DMV has approximately 240 state employees and supports the 800 county agents that represent county Sheriff’s and Assessors County DMV offices. The DMV also oversees the Ports of Entry and Motor Carrier services throughout the state. The DMV licenses all auto sales dealerships and their sales staff throughout the state. The DMV serves over 1.2 million drivers and registers over 1.8 million non-commercial vehicles. The agency also covers commercial vehicle registrations such as IRP, IFTA, Full Fee, etc. 

Mr. Gonzalez has over 25 years in management, his service includes a great balance in both the public and private sector. He has served the State of Idaho for 12 years in managing a variety of state programs including Medicaid and the State Health Insurance Exchange before coming to the Idaho Transportation Department. Gonzalez studied Organizational Behavior at The University of San Francisco.