Mimzie Dennis

Mimzie currently serves as the Senior Manager for the Customer Service Center and the License and Records, and Enforcement and Compliance Services. These areas provide customer service to the motoring public, support to over 250 driver license offices across the state of Texas and regulatory oversight of the following driver programs: DUI/DWI, administrative license revocation, ignition interlock, driver responsibility (points/surcharges), safety responsibility, conviction reporting, commercial driver license issuance and help desk,  commercial and non-commercial third party skills testing, systematic alien verification enrollment, online services, driver records. 

Mimzie has 19 years of leadership experience, and 23 years of service with the Department of Public Safety.  In this role, she provides transformational leadership and direction to a team of service-level managers to ensure Division and Agency goals are accomplished. She concentrates much of her time on the development and education of new leaders to help ensure they are provided with the right opportunities and experiences needed to develop skills necessary to become and remain a successful leader. She is also a trained Mediator for the Agency, and is equally passionate about conflict/dispute resolution.