Mimzie Dennis

Mimzie currently serves as the Assistant Chief of the Driver License Division (DLD) and has oversight of 233 driver license offices across the state of Texas and has regulatory oversight of driver programs such as administrative license revocation, ignition interlock, safety responsibility, conviction reporting, commercial driver license and commercial and non-commercial third party skills testing.  

Mimzie specializes in leadership development. She is passionate about people and healthy work environments. Leveraging almost three decades of experience, Mimzie leads her team through an array of experiences ensuring they are prepared for future roles that can support business functions and personnel needs.  

Mimzie was selected to represent the Department of Public Safety on the Women’s State Agency Council, serves on the AAMVA Region 2 Board of Directors, and actively participates as a trained mediator for the agency. Through these roles she has established valuable connections with other administrators, creating a network that allows the Texas DLD to share leadership best practices, process improvements and gain insights into innovative programs and processes from areas across the country.