Paul Steier

Paul Steier is the director of vehicle programs with AAMVA. Paul joined AAMVA in 2017 as the law enforcement program manager and previously served 25 years as a commissioned officer with the Iowa Department of Transportation where he was director of the Bureau of Investigation & Identity Protection. Prior to his service as bureau director, Paul held the rank of Major working for the DOT’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement Office where he also served as a fraud investigator and commercial vehicle enforcement officer. As a jurisdiction member, Paul served on AAMVA's Fraud Detection and Remediation Working Group since its inception in 2001, he served on the Vehicle Standing Committee for 4 years, and was chair of the Card Design Standard Committee where he also served as chair of the Joint mDL Working Group.  

Paul is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police serving on the Vehicle Crimes Committee and he chairs the Emerging Technologies with Vehicle Crimes Working Group. Paul is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association serving on the Traffic Safety Committee. He is also a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. Paul has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in criminal justice from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he also serves as an instructor for the graduate program.  Paul is a graduate of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and served 15 years on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.