Philippe Guiot

Philippe Guiot is the Chief Information Officer for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), where he is responsible for all of the information systems developed, implemented and operated by AAMVA.

During his career at AAMVA, Mr. Guiot supervised the implementation and operations of several nationwide Driver and Vehicle systems including the Commercial Driver’s License System (CDLIS), the National Motor Vehicle Information System (NMVTIS), the Social Security On-Line Verification System (SSOLV), the State to State (S2S) Verification Service and the Digital Image Exchange system to name a few.

Prior to joining AAMVA, Mr. Guiot was  consulting manager for CGI systems in France and in the US where he gained extensive experience in system development life cycle methodologies, business reengineering processes and  software engineering technology working on large scale IT projects. Mr. Guiot holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management from l’Ecole National Superieur D’Arts et Metiers, Paris.