Policy Position on Park Model Recreation Vehicle

A park model recreational vehicle is a recreational vehicle primarily designed and intended to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, or seasonal use. It is built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the setup mode. Each park model recreational vehicle is certified by its manufacturer as complying with the ANSI A119.5 standard for park model recreational vehicles.

All US-based park model recreational vehicles shall be subjected to sales/excise and/or similar taxes in the jurisdiction where domiciled.

Park model recreational vehicles which meet the size requirements for highway transport without a special movement permit may be registered and assigned license plates. Park model recreational vehicle that are allowed highway movement only with a special highway movement permit may not be registered and would be subject to the laws in the jurisdiction where domiciled. The park model recreational vehicle should be subject to the same laws and regulations as are applied to all other towable recreational vehicles including, but not limited to, any licensing, bonding, and franchise or warranty requirements currently applicable to such manufacturers and/or their dealers.

[Amended 2021]