Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS)

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a nationwide computer system that enables state driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) to ensure that each commercial driver has only one driver license and one complete driver record.

SDLAs use CDLIS to complete commercial driver license (CDL) procedures such as:

  • Transmitting out-of-state convictions and withdrawals
  • Transferring the driver record when a commercial driver license holder moves to another state
  • Responding to requests for driver status and history

CDLIS was established under the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986 and is based on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in 49 CFR 383 and 384.


Click on the map graphic to find which Jurisdictions participate in CDLIS. 


The State Pointer Exchange Services (SPEXS) WebUI Reporting Portal is an AAMVA web application that allows authorized jurisdictional users to access SPEXS reports. These reports help jurisdictions monitor data quality and timeliness of various aspects of their operations, including convictions and withdrawals posting timeliness. CDLIS reports provide analytical data covering a variety of categories such as timeliness and data quality of CDLIS records to help a jurisdiction identify potential issues. The goal in identifying these potential issues is to save lives by keeping bad drivers off the road. The information in the reports may indicate that the jurisdiction’s technology systems, business processes, or training programs need to be updated in order to maintain accurate CDLIS records. See here to learn more about CDLIS reports.

Program Leadership

The CDLIS Subcommittee (formerly working group) provides guidance and direction on improvements, enhancements, and changes related to the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) application and processes. The subcommittee addresses known limitations, prioritizes changes, and identifies opportunities to support future growth and improvements. For more information about the subcommittee, visit their page.

Scheduled Maintenance

For when scheduled maintenance on CDLIS will occur, please visit here.

Data Quality Validation and Verification: CD31 Process

The Master Pointer Record (MPR) Data Quality Validation and Verification Process (implemented by executing the CD31 process) identifies missing pointers, broken pointers, or incorrect data on MPRs at the CDLIS Central Site based on driver record information at the corresponding state of record (SOR). This helps states ensure that their MPRs are complete and accurate. CD31 does this by comparing driver records maintained at the jurisdiction with the corresponding MPRs that each state of record (SOR) is required to maintain at the CDLIS Central Site.

In compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) guidelines, the SOR schedules the CD31 execution in coordination with the AAMVA CD31 support group at least once each year. Upon request from the SOR, AAMVA can schedule any number of CD31 executions at the CDLIS Central Site.

AAMVA provides hands-on support and advice to states as they execute the CD31 process. The CDLIS CD31 Best Practices Guide 1.0.4 assists states in executing and managing their CD31 process. It provides instructions for executing CD31, best practices for correcting errors found from CD31, and helps states determine the root causes of data errors.

Education and Training

AAMVA offers informational webinars and training courses related to CDLIS, including:

You can also visit our search page to find a list of all CDLIS events. Once on the page, please use the filters on the left side to access the desired "Event Type." 

For a comprehensive list of all systems trainings and learning opportunities, visit our Webinars and Training page.


All rates are effective through September 30 and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

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Products & Services Catalog: Private Rate Schedule

This catalog provides private rates for AAMVA's network services.

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Products & Services Catalog: Government Rate Schedule

This catalog provides government rates for AAMVA's network services.


CDLIS documentation is available below to jurisdiction and federal members only.

file - 09/11/2023

CDLIS State Procedures Manual c.0

This document provides the standard administrative practices required by U.S. jurisdictions, 13 Canadian provinces and territories, and the Mexican General Directorship of Federal Motor Carrier Transportation (DGAF) when participating in CDLIS.

file - 09/11/2023

CDLIS State Procedures Manual c.0 Change Control Document

This document is the master change control document reflecting updates applied since the last CDLIS State Procedures Manual Release 5.3.3.

file - 09/11/2023

SPEXS System Specification (AMIE) B.0.0 Change Control Document

This document summarizes changes incorporated in the SPEXS System Specifications.

file - 09/11/2023

SPEXS System Specification (AMIE Version) B.0.0

This document provides the AMIE version of the system specification the State Pointer Exchange Services (SPEXS). 

file - 09/11/2023

SPEXS System Specifications (REST Version) B.0.0

SPEXS: System Specifications (REST Version)

file - 09/11/2023

SPEXS System Specifications (REST Version) B.0.0 - Change Control Document

SPEXS System Specifications (REST Version) B.0.0 - Change Control Document

file - 07/31/2023

CDLIS State Procedures Manual a.0 compared to b.0 and b.0 compared to b.1

CDLIS State Procedures Manual a.0 compared with b.0 red-lined version

file - 11/10/2020

SPEXS Master Specification Change Control Document (AMIE and NIEM Versions)

SPEXS Master Specification (AMIE and NIEM) Change Control Document

file - 10/28/2020

CDLIS CD31 MPR Data Quality Validation & Verification Best Practices Guide 1.0.4

Provides best practices for resolving broken pointers, missing pointers, and data inconsistencies discovered by executing the CDLIS MPR Data Quality and Verification (CD31) Status process, MPR data quality validation, and verification.

file - 03/24/2020

SPEXS System Specification (AMIE Version) 6.0.9 and Earlier Transaction Release History

This document provides the release history of all transactions, processes, and appendices for theSPEXS System Specification (AMIE) release 6.0.9 and earlier.

file - 01/22/2016

SPEXS Master Specification (NIEM Version) 6.0.9

This document provides the NIEM version of the master specification for the State Pointer Exchange Services (SPEXS).

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