S2S Reports

The State-to-State Verification Service reports matrix (available to jurisdiction and federal members only) serves as a quick reference for all the S2S reports. The report matrix contains the purpose, distribution frequency, and availability pertaining to each report. The matrix allows filtering of columns for ease of use. See below to view samples of each report. 

To generate a report, access the SPEXS Web UI

S2S Sample Reports

Below is a list of sample reports. 

file - 01/24/2024

CD90.3.1 Driver Suspense Report

The Driver Suspense Report conveys information about pointers that are in ‘suspense’ (pointers unable to complete the intended proceed with processing for 96 hours or longer and are in jeopardy of exceeding the 10-day federal requirement for resolution) either due to a duplicate status or pending...

file - 01/24/2024

CD90.3.4 Jurisdictional Activity Report

The Jurisdictional Activity Report conveys consolidated message information on Add Pointer, Change Pointer, Delete Pointer, Change State of Record (CSOR) and Notice of Issuance transactions.

file - 01/24/2024

CD90.6.1 User Transactions Error (Detail) Statistics Report

The User Transaction Error (Detail) Statistics Report conveys, for the selected jurisdiction, information about user errors encountered at the Central Site when validating content of a message received, resulting in that message being returned to its originator in error. 

file - 01/24/2024

CD90.3.7 Frequent Inquiry Report

The Frequent Inquiry Report conveys information about drivers for whom multiple jurisdictions performed identical inquiries.

file - 05/24/2021

CD90.2.1 Common Validation Exception Detail Report

The Common Validation Exception Detail Report conveys information about validation errors encountered on Driver History Record (DHR) provided by the state-of-record (SOR).

file - 07/10/2018

CD31 9_2 Summary

The CD319_2 Summary Report contains summary information from the execution of the Master Pointer Record (MPR) Data Quality Validation and Verification (CD31) process.

file - 07/10/2018

CD31 9_1 Detail

The CD31 9_1 Detail Report contains information from the process execution including mismatches, errors, and anomalies.

file - 06/05/2018

CD31 Broken Pointer Report

The CD31 Broken Pointer Report is derived using the CD31 9_1 Detail results (listed above), for each identified ‘broken pointer’, all Central Site MPR data is provided.

file - 05/10/2018

CD90.6.2 User Transaction Error (Rate) Statistics Report

The User Transaction Error Rate Report conveys, for the selected jurisdiction, information about transactions for which errors were encountered, along with the associated error rates at the Central Site.

file - 05/10/2018

CD90.7.1 Master Pointer File Extract

The Master Pointer File Extract provides jurisdictions the ability to request a copy of master pointer record (MPR) data stored at the Central Site where the requesting jurisdiction is the current state of record (SOR) as of a scheduled extraction date and time.

file - 07/08/2016

CD90.9.2 Duplicate Resolution Summary Report

Duplicates Resolution Summary report is a daily report of unresolved duplicates. This report shows a graphical representation of unresolved duplicates in the categories of Real Time duplicates, Go-live duplicates, and Duplicate type.

file - 05/06/2016

CD31 Missing Pointer Report

This report is designed to assist the State of Record (SOR) to correct the missing pointers identified during the CD31 run.

file - 06/24/2015

CD90.3.3 Turnaround Interval Report

The Turnaround Interval Report conveys information about multiple CSOR transaction requests for the same individual.

file - 07/07/2014

CD90.1.1 Authorization Exceptions Report

The Authorization Exceptions Report conveys information about transaction authorization errors that occurred at application level.

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