Strategic Priority 1.0: Member-Driven Solutions

Innovative, high value, timely solutions that support members’ evolving business needs

Goal 1.1  |  Develop new or enhanced solutions to meet jurisdiction needs

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Produce new or updated programs/products/services, valued by members and stakeholders, based on member input and priorities
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Provide effective and timely development, deployment, and support of technology applications
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Ensure existing core programs, products, and services meet jurisdiction needs

Goal 1.2  |  Enhance jurisdiction member engagement

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Increase number of jurisdictions and members actively participating on boards, committees, working groups, and conferences and increase member use of IT applications
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Increase engagement of under-represented groups, such as Canadian jurisdictions and law enforcement
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Support and encourage member engagement through direct outreach, travel funding, and resource implementation assistance
  • Targeted Outcome 4: 95% of jurisdiction members agree AAMVA staff provide high-quality subject matter expertise in a timely manner

Goal 1.3  |   Ensure meaningful and effective inclusion to enhance value for associate members

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Retain at least 90% of existing associate members annually
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Increase associate membership by at least 5% annually
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Provide opportunities for jurisdiction and associate member engagement to identify new trends, technologies, and business practices

Goal 1.4  |   Increase awareness of AAMVA’s mission and resources

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Expand participation at stakeholder events through attendance, presentations, or exhibitions
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Take a leadership role in stakeholder initiatives and mission relevant coalitions
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Effectively educate external stakeholders about the interests of the motor vehicle and law enforcement community
  • Targeted Outcome 4: Expand information and education outreach to frontline jurisdiction employees regarding AAMVA's mission, resources, and issue updates