Strategic Priority 3.0: Technology Management

Secure, reliable, and relevant systems

Goal 3.1  |  Provide secure, reliable, and compliant systems

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Maintain at least 99.5% up time for all AAMVA systems
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Notification to jurisdictions of an unscheduled outage occurs within 40 minutes
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Unscheduled outages are restored within 4 hours
  • Targeted Outcome 4: Meet or exceed all security and privacy compliance requirements (FISMA, PCI, state regulations, etc.) for all systems
  • Targeted Outcome 5: Members and stakeholders are made aware of AAMVA’s technology certifications, data protection strategies, and technology audit results

Goal 3.2  |  Explore and incorporate new and emerging technology and methodologies for AAMVA's products and services

  • Targeted Outcome 1: Incorporate new technologies that increase reliability, scalability, or efficiency of IT solutions
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Utilize best practices techniques to improve efficiency for IT initiatives
  • Targeted Outcome 3: Facilitate an engaged IT community that connects leaders and supports the learning and sharing of new and emerging technologies relevant to jurisdiction operations

Goal 3.3  |  Support relevant, flexible, scalable, and effective IT solutions through engagement with the user community

  • Targeted Outcome 1: 80% of jurisdiction members agree AAMVA’s IT solutions are relevant, flexible, scalable, and effective
  • Targeted Outcome 2: Complete IT portfolio analysis to evaluate service offerings, member utilization, and financial sustainability