For Issuing Authorities

Issuing authorities that choose to participate in the mDL Digital Trust Service (DTS) minimally viable product (MVP) must adhere to the ISO 18013-5 standard. The standard focuses on protecting individuals' identity data and securing the device-to-device interactions through which personal information is shared. AAMVA uses secure methods of obtaining and updating the public key certificates of participating issuing authorities to minimize the risk that invalid keys may be presented into the system. All elements of the DTS are protected using industry standard security technologies and protocols.

Minimally Viable Product Participation

Participants in the mDL DTS minimally viable product will be selected from issuing authorities who meet the specifications outlined in the DTS Participation Application. Those who are selected will be able to publish their public key certificates to the Verified Issuer Certificate Authority List (VICAL). 

The MVP is a means through which technologies, operations, and concepts will be tested; it is not intended to serve in a full-scale production capacity. System availability may fluctuate as improvements and adjustments are made. While the public keys used within the system will be live, secure, and trustworthy, the infrastructure has been built just for the MVP. The findings from the MVP will inform plans for any future expansion. 

To obtain a copy of the DTS Participation Application, please contact us and provide your contact information in the message box of the contact us form.


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