For Relying Parties

AAMVA's mDL Digital Trust Service (DTS) provides relying parties with the simplest means to obtain participating jurisdictions' public key certificates. Public key certificates obtained from the DTS allows relying parties to trust that the mDLs they are presented with have been issued by a legitimate issuing authority. AAMVA uses secure methods of obtaining and updating the public key certificates to minimize the risk that invalid keys maybe presented to the system. All elements of the DTS are protected using standard security technologies/protocols.

Relying parties who wish to officially participate in the minimally viable product should contact us and enter their contact information in the message box of the contact us form. Official participants will be required to provide feedback about their experience to help enhance future versions of the DTS.

Any relying parties can download the Verified Issuer Certificate Authority List (VICAL) and load it in their mDL reader technologies. VICAL is publicly available and not restricted to only relying parties selected for participation. 

The VICAL is a system built and administered by AAMVA and houses the public key certificates specific to each participating issuing authority. Relying parties can access the VICAL by clicking on the button below.

Verified Issuer Certificate Authority List

AAMVA's mDL DTS provides trust to relying parties by:

  • Ensuring only true issuing authority keys are added to the VICAL list
  • Ensuring the issuing authority private key management practices adhere to current best practices


Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing or using AAMVA’s Digital Trust Service.

By clicking the “ACCESS VICAL” and or downloading and using the VICAL you affirm that you have read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions for AAMVA’s DTS.

Among other things, the Terms and Conditions include significant Limitations on the Liability of AAMVA and any participating issuing authority of driver licenses or identification cards relating to AAMVA’s Digital Trust Service.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Review the documents below for the terms and conditions and privacy policy for the use of the VICAL.

Terms and Conditions for Relying Parties

Contain important information concerning the obligations of users of the DTS and this website, as well as limitations relating to the liability of...

Privacy Policy for Relying Parties

Explains how we collect, use, and protect your personal information when you use the DTS website

For questions or more information about the mDL Digital Trust Service, please contact us below.

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