Law Enforcement Standing Committee

AAMVA’s Law Enforcement Standing Committee inspires collaboration between law enforcement and motor vehicle administrators to improve highway and public safety.

The committee provides recommendations to support law enforcement members through the development of programs, products, and services that address specific law enforcement needs.

Committee goals include:

  • Increase law enforcement participation in AAMVA conferences, committees, working groups, and other initiatives
  • Provide and promote uniformity and consistency through the development of standards, model programs, and best practices

For a list of members who are currently serving on the Law Enforcement Standing Committee, please visit the members-only directory

For open volunteer positions on this or other groups, visit here.

Watch the video above for current Law Enforcement Standing Committee accomplishments. Watch this video for current cross-committee accomplishments.

For more information about the Law Enforcement Standing Committee and its activities, please contact the staff project manager below. 

Staff Project Manager

Brian Ursino

Director of Law Enforcement Programs