Innovative Use of Technology

This award is presented to jurisdictions who have implemented technology tools that directly enhance access to services or the service experience.

This is an agency award and is awarded one per each region and among those, an international winner is selected. 

Each agency may submit only ONE entry.

Criteria for selection:

  • Technology is related to the delivery and improvement of service
  • Quantitative data shows dollar return on investment, staff efficiencies, and/or increased adoption of electronic services
  • Program demonstrates a measurable benefit to the public and the agency
  • Program serves as an inspiration or model for further innovation

2022 Winners

International and Regional

California Department of Motor Vehicles

Chrome Summary

The Chrome Summary project result is that CA DMV customers now have the opportunity to electronically review their completed applications for a driver license or ID card using one of 2,704 Chrome tablets deployed across field office customer service counters. Not only can the customer digitally attest to and affirm the information, a snapshot of the application is saved and retrievable for historical purposes. This reduces major paper waste by saving 3,000 pounds of paper printed in DMV field offices per day and saves 2,900 hours of staff time per month. This project was a collaborative effort by the DMV Information Systems Division, Licensing Operations Division, Field Operation Division, Customer Service Division, and the DMV Executive Team. DMV technology staff, in collaboration with business divisions, developed a custom solution, supported by Google, that was deployed on strategically mounted tablets at the customer service counters of all DMV offices statewide. This successful project helps to reduce the DMV carbon footprint while laying the foundation for future digital transformation initiatives.


Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration

Disability Products Go Online

Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) customers now have the ability to request and be approved for disability products online. Additionally, their physician can digitally input medical certification and approve individuals’ eligibility for disability plates and placards in real time. Customers can submit and track the progress of their application and eliminate a trip to an MDOT MVA branch for this critical service. Only a few years ago a customer requesting disability placards or plates would go through an arduous process receive to product. The new disability portal provides a quick and easy way for customers, their physicians, and the agency to leverage technology efficiently. This has eliminated the wait time between application to receipt of the disability product. It also removes the barrier for customers that have physical limitations. In FY20, before the online portal was available, 75% of disability placards issued were completed in the branch. In FY21 the agency has issued roughly 53% of disability products through the online portal. 

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

American Sign Language Driver Knowledge Test

The Nebraska DMV partnered with the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and a vendor to implement a driver knowledge test in American Sign Language. This provides an accommodation to deaf Nebraskans who would want to take the test in a language they may be more intimately familiar with. The test enables test takers to see a live interpretation in American Sign Language of test questions. This eliminates the need to hire translation services. Previously, the DMV was required to provide an approved interpreter. Their services are not only expensive, but also rare. Both factors make it difficult to provide services to customers, especially in rural areas with few approved interpreters. This partnership was a collaboration between a combination of public and private organizations. The new test was relatively simple to implement and is easily accessible for test takers.

Texas Department of Public Safety

The Guide

The newly re-designed Guide is an internal facing website which is designed as the single source of information for Driver License (DL) employees that is directly managed and maintained by each DL service area and contains their standard operating procedures, business rules, employee training, governance policies, and links. The redesign and move to a new technology platform came from the need to distribute content management to each service area, make it faster and easier to change content, and support collaboration and feedback of users to improve adoption and accuracy of information in the Guide. With the changes implemented, each service area is self-sufficient in managing their own content. The efficacy of this new approach can be demonstrated by the amount of content the DL division was able to amass in the new Guide. Between October 2016 and March of 2020, only one-third of the potential content had been migrated into the Guide. After implementing the new design and infrastructure in April 2020, all service area information was migrated to the new guide by August 2021.