Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) Subcommittee

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a nationwide computer system that enables state driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) to ensure that each commercial driver has only one driver license and one complete driver record.

SDLAs use CDLIS to complete commercial driver license (CDL) procedures such as:

  • Transmitting out-of-state convictions and withdrawals
  • Transferring the driver record when a commercial driver license holder moves to another state
  • Responding to requests for driver status and history

CDLIS was established under the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986 and is based on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in 49 CFR 383 and 384.

CDLIS Subcommittee

The CDLIS Subcommittee provides guidance and direction on improvements, enhancements, and changes related to the CDLIS application and processes. The group identifies opportunities to support future growth and improvements, and addresses known limitations.


  • Analyze current CDLIS functionality and provide prioritized recommendations for future improvements
  • Define business requirements, including assessing any federal rulemaking to determine its impact on CDLIS
  • Review and provide recommendations on issue resolution
  • Provide input on the timing of changes for implementation
  • Foster ongoing communications between the subcommittee and the broader AAMVA community
  • Endorse and promote subcommittee decisions within the CDLIS community


The CDLIS Subcommittee is comprised of jurisdictional and regional representatives. Regions are divided further into sub-regions, with each sub-region representative serving as the point of contact for five or fewer jurisdictions. See below for representative designations:

CDLIS MemberStates They Represent
Amber-Lynn DanielsMS, NE, OH, TN
Christopher OlsonMI, MN, ND, SD, WI
Garfield SheltonCA, HI, NM
Jamie SnowdenDC, MD, NC, WV
Lacey HaneKS, LA, NV, OK
Kevin AckerAR, CO, UT, WY
Kristle BevinsFL, MT, SC, TX, VA
Edith DiazAZ, IL, IN, IA, MO
Cyna TurneyAK, AR, ID, OR, WA
Nicholas Ricci
Taylor Boivin
Tracey Wheaton

For a list of members who are currently serving on the CDLIS Subcommittee, please visit the members-only directory.

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For more information about the CDLIS Subcommittee and its activities, please contact the project manager below.

Staff Project Manager

Rajesh Dharmarajan

Project Manager