Communications Overall Campaign: Budget Over $50k

This award is presented to a jurisdiction for a full multi-faceted campaign over $50k. 

This award is presented at the international level.

Each agency may submit only ONE campaign.

Criteria for selection:

  • Content
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness

2023 Winner

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

"DMV Anywhere. Yes, Anywhere." Marketing Campaign

As the U.S. adjusted to life with COVID-19, people had a pent-up desire to get back to normal. This meant more social gatherings, more entertainment and more fun. The Colorado DMV wanted to capitalize on this desire and so it did with the “DMV anywhere. Yes, anywhere.” marketing campaign. The multifaceted, bi-lingual $100,000 marketing campaign focused on encouraging people to use DMV online services through earned, paid, shared and owned media. The campaign included three video ads, four radio ads (including one in Spanish), five posters (including two in Spanish), a slew of social media ads (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), billboard ads, a press release and a landing page on the DMV website. The campaign focused on odd times or locations that Coloradans could actually DMV and included an astronaut using DMV online services in outer space. From a digital marketing benchmark perspective, the DMV Anywhere campaign blew it out of the water. Click-through rates typically average about 2% and this campaign had an overall 46% click-through rate in addition to an impressive 9,496,871 impressions and 43,194 clicks. Google Local marketing efforts generated 322,878 impressions with a 35.62% click-through rate, generating 113,007 clicks. Of those who clicked, only 22% ended up visiting a DMV office, which means the other 78% completed their transactions online. Google Search ads also netted an impressive 551,568 impressions with a 52% click-through rate for 292,056 clicks at a cost of $0.02 a click. DMV anywhere ads were also at the top of Google’s search results 94.67% of searches. The campaign also was very successful on social media, generating 1,014,746 impressions and 10,296 clicks on Snapchat; 1,000,891 impressions and 8,244 clicks on TikTok; and 771,116 impressions and 5,837 clicks on Facebook. Overall, the digital component of the campaign had a 90.16% video completion rate. The effort also generated 212 comments and 269 shares. Television commercials aired on cable as well as four Colorado-based TV stations, resulting in over 1.5 million impressions while nine billboard ads generated an estimated 25,666,915 impressions.