Communications Overall Campaign: Budget Over $50k

This award is presented to a jurisdiction for a full multi-faceted campaign over $50k. 

This award is presented at the international level.

Each agency may submit only ONE campaign.

Criteria for selection:

  • Content
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness

2022 Winner

Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Office of Highway Safety: Stanley the Sasquatch

US-20 is a highly traveled corridor in east Idaho. The route is used heavily by tourists to access popular recreation areas. Out-of-state drivers along US-20 creates unique challenges in raising awareness about fatal and serious injury crashes. To create memorable messaging, we enlisted the help of a well-known legend in the northwest, Sasquatch. Stanley Sasquatch, named after a small town in Idaho’s central mountains, urges drivers to put away distractions. As an expert in myths, he teaches about the myths of aggressive driving and reminds drivers to “squatch” for motorcycles. The overall success of this campaign was dependent on the ability to create a sustained presence along the corridor. Idaho achieved this by leveraging local partners and using unique media opportunities, such as targeted ads on social media platforms; using billboards, gas station pump toppers, and wrapping ice chests at convenience stores; creating a community working group and providing them with promotional/educational materials (including a mascot outfit) for use at local events; and providing law enforcement agencies in the area with educational pamphlets that could be handed out during traffic stops. This campaign has been well received and Idaho has begun to expand it into other parts of the state and integrating other driver behaviors into Stanley’s messaging.