Communications Overall Campaign: Budget Under $50k

This award is presented to a jurisdiction for a full multi-faceted campaign under $50k. 

This award is presented at the international level.

Each agency may submit only ONE campaign.

Criteria for selection:

  • Content
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness

2023 Winner

Colorado State Patrol

Super Cruising in Colorado - Summer 2022 Campaign

During the summer of 2021, District 5 (southwest Colorado) experienced an increase in serious injury and fatal crashes related to motorists coming to the area for recreational purposes. Many of these motorists were inexperienced with the area, in particular the different roadways and road types, including unpaved roads, roads with no shoulders, steep grades and curves, and single-lane roads. In addition, a large number of these travelers were pulling campers, boats, or trailers for other recreational purposes resulting in even greater risk to themselves and other motorists. For 2022, District 5 partnered with strategic communication and outreach to proactively build awareness for recreation travelers coming into the region about the different roadway types and conditions they may encounter to reduce or eliminate serious injury and fatal crashes. In addition, they educated these same motorists on ways to properly and safely navigate these roadways. The summer campaign ran from Memorial Day through September 30, 2022.