License Plate Verification Program

License plates allow for quick identification of motor vehicles and vehicle registration information. License plate design that optimizes legibility to both the human eye and license plate readers is important for efficient and proper identification. AAMVA's updated License Plate Standard was released in October 2023. The updated standard provides support to jurisdictions in the production of license plates that enhance accurate license plate identification, while providing flexibility for multiple designs.

The License Plate Verification Program (LPVP) provides jurisdictions, at no cost, the opportunity to submit up to four license plates during each AAMVA fiscal year for comparison to the 2023 AAMVA License Plate Standard. In addition, jurisdictions can opt to also have their submitted plate(s) tested for license plate readability (LPR) and reflectivity readability. Jurisdictions receive a written report outlining where the submitted license plate does, and does not, align with the standard as well as LPR and reflectivity readability if that additional testing option is selected.

Element, Inc. will provide analysis reports to AAMVA within 30 days of receiving the plate(s). AAMVA will forward those reports to submitting jurisdictions. The examined license plates will be returned to the submitting jurisdiction if return is requested. Otherwise, they will become part of AAMVA's sample license plate inventory.

This program is only available to AAMVA jurisdiction members. 

To begin the process, please complete our submission form.

For questions or more information about the LPVP, please contact License Plate Verification Program.

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