Region 3 Board of Directors

Listed below are our current Region 3 Board members. Visit here for upcoming Region 3 board meetings. For a contact list of the Region 3 Board of Directors, please visit our members-only directory. For questions about the Region 3 Board and its activities, please contact the staff regional director below.


Melissa Gillett

Director, Iowa Motor Vehicle Division

Vice President

Robin Rehborg

Deputy Director for Driver Safety, North Dakota Department of Transportation


Pong Xiong

Director, Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Division


Brenda Glahn

Senior Legal Advisor, Illinois Office of the Secretary of State

Law Enforcement Member at Large

Darewin Clardy

Captain, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Past President

Charles L. Norman

Registrar, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Member at Large

Rhonda Lahm

Director, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Member at Large

David Harper

Director, Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles

Member at Large

Joe B. Hoage

Commissioner, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Member at Large

Ken Struemph

Director, Missouri Division of Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing

Member at Large

John Broers

Director, South Dakota Department of Public Safety

Member at Large

Kristina Boardman

Deputy Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Member at Large

Rosa Yaeger

Director, South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles

Member at Large

Patrick Sarginson

Senior Legislation Analyst, Manitoba Public Insurance

Member at Large

Angela D. Harness

Bureau Director, Michigan Department of State


Ian Grossman

President & CEO, AAMVA

Staff Project Manager

Julie Knittle

Regional Director for Region 3 & 4